Full Round Drill Diamond Painting American Flag Kit Home Decor 30x30cm


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5D Diamond Painting with the American Flag supported by an 18-wheeler truck.

Measurements: 30cm x 30cm x 1cm  // 11.8 in X 11.8 in X .39 in

This painting will warm the hearts of every truck driver and every American.  Such pride presented. Create this painting for placement in your living room, bedroom, a classroom, entryway, library, Union office.

DIY diamond Painting steps:
1. Open the box, check the kits whether complete.
2. According to the color code, choose a color into the plate.  If you paste the same color at the same time, you can increase the speed.
3. Find the symbols in the picture, beginning paste until finished.
4. When you finish it, put some books on top, let it more firmly settle. Consider applying puzzle or diamond painting glue.

This diamond painting does not come with a frame.

1 X diamond Painting (diamonds need to be pasted)
1 set X diamond Painting Tools (not including painting frame)
1 set X diamond Bags

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