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Note that there are six (6) different mold shapes.

Garden Pavement Mold DIY Manually Paving Cement Brick Stone Road Concrete Path Maker Molds
Paving Concrete Molds are the easiest way to build pathways by stamping design. It is specially designed for the garden-lovers who want to create their own pathways.
Artifice structure can make various ingenious pattern according to requirements.
You can have straight pavement, curved, and large pavements. A more perfect craft can be finished by your clever design means which will make your garden or part area more beautiful.  The innovative structure of these molds can give your pavement yard path a very artistic sense.

Professional strong plastic, you can use it a minimum of 1600 times. guaranteed by manufacturer.

Material: plastic
Color: Black

Making steps:

1.Prepare the ground.
2.Place the concrete garden molds.
3.Premix the concrete.
4.Pour down your own cement bricks, stones or slate to the garden stone molds.
5.Trowel smooth.
6.Remove the mold.
7.Get your own garden stepping stones.

1 x Path Maker Mold

Additional information

Weight 0.936 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 2 cm



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