70 pcs Kit Unfinished Wooden Earring Blanks


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This kit contains 70 pieces for making your own wooden earrings.  The hooks and rings are included.  You creativity will bring these to life.  See product image for detailed blank sizes.

Unfinished earring pendants are made of cut smoothly without burrs, light and comfortable to wear; equipped with silver metal alloy rings and fish earring hooks.

Easy to assemble: just use round nose pliers to open the seal on the jump ring, then slide the ring through the hole in the chip, and then gently squeeze the seal back with the pliers.

These earrings are suitable for daily wear or use the blanks for DIY necklaces or pendants.  These wooden blanks are also suitable for home decorations,  gifts of all sorts.   Be creative with the shapes.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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